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About Luca Cinì

I remember when my grandma used to give me a piece of bread soaked into a glass of wine..i suppose that’s how everything started. Years later my mom used to tell me the adventures of my uncle, great wine and food lover. In the early ’70 he was used to hit Bordeaux by car “just” to attend some great wine dinner. The passion for good wines and good food is definitely in my DNA, same as many Italians. I started drinking good wines when i was young, going quite often to the first fancy wine bar in my hometown with a good friend, now he is a chef there. He introduced me to the magical world of premium wines. I remember a nice trip to Montalcino with him. I became so passionate about it that i decided to study to become a professional in the wine business. From 2002 to 2003 i attended the 3 AIS (Italian Sommeliers Association, part of the International Sommeliers Association) courses and the “Marketing of Wine” course at Gambero Rosso Schools in Rome. In the mean time I opened a Wine Representative Agency in central Italy, selling top Italian brands and after that a wine shop and wine distribution in my hometown. In 2011 started my adventure in Asia and i moved to Hong Kong, working in the wine industry for almost 3 years, doing wine consulting, training and selling wines to the very top restaurants and hotels of the city. Now i’m here to share with you the charm of what i like to call “The Wonderful Essence”.




The “Osteria” is the very traditional Italian wine bar from many centuries. Nowdays a cozy and relaxing ambiance with nice music and smiling professional staff, where people meet for a glass of wine and a bite of authentic and fresh Italian food. At “Luca Cinì – A Wine Story” you will feel like in Italy, enjoying the typical “Osteria’s mood”.



We can provide professional catering services, giving you a wide selection of wines and finger food/canapés to choose and if you need a cozy ambiance we also provide our wine shop location for private events such as birthday parties or any other special occasion.


More than 120 labels from more than 12 Italian regions, my wine shop is the only one in Phuket specialised in Italian wines. Me and my professional staff will help you choosing the right bottle perfectly matching your dinner, or helping you selecting your gift bottle for an elegant present. A bottle of good wine is a present that people always appreciate.


I personally and meticulously select the wines among the best Italian wineries, looking both for the prestigious and well known grapes and labels but also for the small productions wines and their indigenous rare grapes. The food we serve is also selected among the best food providers specialised on Italian food, freshness and high quality is a must here at Luca Cinì – A Wine Story.

Join us at our next wine tasting events